Hot Stone Massage

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Hot Stone Massage

Feel Relaxed With  Warm Smooth Stones

Hot stone massage is a great antidote to excessive stress at works, Warm smooth warm stones are used to provide the healing to your aching muscles and stressed tissues.

How does it Work?

The skilled therapist places a  warm stones parts of your body. Giving warm relaxing pressure, the warmth of the stones provides  local heat helping the muscles to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The perfect balancing of heat and weight is required to get the best result of this therapy.

Experienced Professionals Offer
In our beautiful rooms, experienced professionals use the therapy with the help of their training and knowledge. They know how to use hot stones to give the right amount of pressure to certain points without causing any discomfort.

Some Unique Features
Basalt river rocks are used in this therapy
These rocks are known for retaining heat
The professional stone heater is used to heat the stones to the ideal temperature

To obtain the best results of hot stone massage, you need to go to the right therapist.  Call us now 07853 396766

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