Chinese Massage Gravesend

Chinese Massage Gravesend

Chinese Living Massage Therapy Centre

Offering the very best Chinese Massage in Gravesend,  we are open  9:30am to 9pm  7 days a week. 

We are 3 minutes walk from Gravesend town center, you will find us next to the ESSO petrol station, 20 yards walking distance. Full body therapy is our speciality and this includes full body. Here we also find that customers gain a lot of benefit from deep tissue massage. Swedish massage is another alternate that we offer. Of course we also provide a full selection of Thai Massage & Cupping.

Each one of our treatment rooms has a shower .

We strive to deliver the best quality of Chinese massage Gravesend services to our customers and help them escape into another world. Please come and visit us soon

Trial Massage £20 for 20 mins professional massage

chinese massage gravesend

Last appointment at 8.00pm.

Mon-Sun, 9:30am – 9pm

Open all bank holidays except Christmas!
Free parking Saturday and Sunday

chinese massage gravesend
chinese massage gravesend

In the Chinese culture, it’s believed that humans form a natural harmony with heaven earth, thus the human body can be compared to the natural landscape. As an example, you can visualise the veins as river channels and blood is like water in the river. Flood is caused by blockages in the river, after the water has accumulated too much for the river bank to hold. The same thing happens in our body: as long as there is blockage caused by whatever reason, we feel uncomfortable, with neck pain, stiff back etc., that are now very common symptoms for everyone in such a competitive environment of global economy, especially for people who work at computers for a long time maintaining the same posture.

This service is commonly available in all the hospitals in China for medical purposes.

Chinese Massage in Hospitals

Patients queue up from 8am every morning and have a huge range of symptoms, from prolapsed discs to frozen shoulder , migraines, knee problems, tendonitis, tennis / golf elbow sun strokes, and fatigue. Even more symptoms are treated in the infantile Tui-Na clinic within the department. Symptoms such as diarrhoea, , common cold, asthma, fever, whooping cough, chicken pox to name a few. Even infant short sightedness is treated through Tui-Na massage!

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