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      Massage is part of Chinese medical treatment for about 4,000 years. Written massage textbooks began to appear as early as the fourth century BC. Chinese medical texts appeared at about the same time. Massage developed alongside both therapeutic exercise (qigong ) and acupuncture. Both depend on the same understanding of the meridians. This type of massage is known as qi healing, or curing with external qi. It was developed by master teachers of qigong.


      Chinese massage is not intended to be an experience of pampering or relaxation . It is a form of deep tissue therapy that conveys the following benefits:

      • Speeding the healing of injuries and clearing bruises
      • Stimulating blood circulation and regulating the nervous system
      • Easing emotional distress
      • Curing some conditions affecting the internal organs
      • Increasing flexibility in the joints and improving posture
      • Maintaining wellness and functioning as a form of preventive care