Chinese Massage Manchester

Chinese Massage Manchester

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At Chinese Massage Manchester, Denton, we offer a full range of massage, including relaxing full body and Tuina (Acupressure) etc.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our all female team qualified to practice by TCM. We are located in Denton, Manchester and very much appreciate your business and trust we will give you a pleasurable massage.Our team of Asian masseuses are changed every one to two weeks and are fully trained in authentic Chinese massage styles. They come from different towns across China and beyond.

We offer superb service with a personal touch. In addition to classic Chinese massage, we offer Thai and Swedish massage. We change our masseuses frequently. We have a lovely shop here on Manchester Road

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We take same day bookings and advance bookings by phone.

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Some History on Massage

by Dr. Aihan Kuhn

January 7, 2013This experience is my favourite, and every year that I go to China, I always make sure to have my Chinese massage. Chinese massage called Tui Na or An Mo, is the oldest manual, natural healing method. It was developed earlier than herbs and acupuncture. At first, humans fought against disease by using their own hands and body parts. Later they developed other natural methods for healing and disease prevention. Japanese, and other Asian people learned it more than a thousand years ago.

Using Chinese massage as a foundation, they then developed their own specialised massage styles with their own unique character. We know them today as Swedish massage, shiatzu, and Thai massage. These massage types focused on health maintenance, whereas Chinese massage focuses on healing and improving health. Today, people from all over the world come to China to learn this unique, natural healing method. As a result, new populations become involved with this ancient art of healing.

Eastern vs. Western Massage

Chinese massage is very different from Western massage. It is much more strenuous and powerful. It is deeply penetrating and goes into the acupuncture points and meridians, activating the Qi and Blood, and promoting circulation to speed the healing process.

Besides helping with many kinds of ailments, TCM massage is well known for helping with joint and muscle problems. TCM massage is used to assist internal healing, too (due to its effect on the energy channels). Chinese massage is so-called because the massage is applied chiefly to acupuncture points and meridians, which are all based on TCM theory.

In China years ago, massage therapy was usually performed by doctors in a hospital. Now, due to increased demand, there are many training centers for massage therapists, but a massage therapist is not the same as a massage doctor who works in a hospital treating illness.

The most trained massage therapists perform Chinese massage more for health maintenance and focus less on treating illness, whereas the massage doctors in China work on patients primarily to relieve their ailments. To be able to treat illness, the massage therapists need to have a vast knowledge of physiology, anatomy, TCM theory, and clinical experience, including biochemistry.

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