Chinese Massage Isle of Wight

Chinese Massage Isle of Wight, Shanklin

At Chinese Massage Isle of Wight, we offer a full range of massages, relaxing full body massage, Deep tissue massage, and Hot stone massage. We also offer Reflexology (foot massage) and Hot cupping / massage. We offer a very Friendly and authentic service.

Our spa is clean and welcoming. We take great care to ensure you have the best possible treatment.

It is important that we try to make all our clients feel at home. On site we have shower facilities for you to freshen up after your session. We select our Asian masseuses carefully and they are changed every one to two weeks. They are all are fully trained in authentic Chinese massage styles and most originate directly from China or other parts of Asia

We try to give our most to our clients, many of who are here for holidays, please visit our massage centre in Shanklin soon.

See the Prices Page for a full list of treatments.

Booking a Massage

We take same day bookings and advance bookings by phone.

Depending on the strength and direction of hand, the power sinking into the body differs. some strokes reach only the skin, some to the pulses, muscle and even marrow. The effects of massage have been affirmed by people who have experienced it. It is relieving the bones and muscles , adjusting dislocation of the joints. Today the massage by the blind in China has been a fashion because of the effect and the provision of work chance.


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