Chinese Massage In Wimbledon

We give you personal service at our spa in Wimbledon. Our team are highly motivated and skilled masseuses. We offer many therapies, delivered all by experts including deep tissue massage and relaxing full body massage.

We are also pleased to offer Swedish massage by the very best specialists. Our salon is recently decorated and we have a private shower facility in each room to freshen up before or after your Chinese or Swedish massage. We will make you very welcome just like we have many other satisfied clients, so please join us at Chinese Massage Wimbledon.

Chinese Massage in Wimbledon – Parking: Free 1 hr in front of the shop. Ample parking in railway station car park which is only one minute walk.

Our Chinese team are all female. In Wimbledon we have been in the business of providing therapy many years. All our therapists are qualified by TCM. We use best quality massage oils and scents. We have two rooms each with a private shower

Phone now 07440014243
327 Haydon’s Road Wimbledon SW19 8LA
Monday to Sunday: 10:30am – 8:30pm
Phone now 07424065986
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This marvelous treatment as a branch of Chinese medicine also has a long history. The earliest record on massage is in the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty. During the Spring and Autumn Period (770 – 476 BC), a story that a miracle-working doctor Bian Que. He healed the faint prince through massage was written down, illustrating the amazing effect in such an early time. In the Northern and Southern Dynasties (386 – 589), six techniques of hand massage evolved. These became more professional, such as to strand, twiddle, knead and roll, which are still widely used. Today it has developed over 20 varieties of techniques and the study on of it is thriving.

Depending on the strength and direction of hand, the power sinking into the body differs. Consequently some reach only the skin, some to the pulses, muscle and even marrow. The effects of massage have been affirmed by people who have experienced it That is, relieving the bones and muscles, , adjusting dislocation of the joints, removal of muscle spasm and so on. Today the massage by the blind in China has been a fashion because of the effect and the provision of work chance.


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