Chinese Massage Barnsley

RenKang Massage Therapy.

We give you personal service at our spa in Barnsley. Our Chinese massage Barnsley team are highly motivated and skilled masseuses. We offer many therapies, delivered all by experts including hot stone and full body massage. .

Our salon is newly decorated and we have a private shower facility in both rooms to freshen up before or after your Chinese massage. We will make you very welcome, so please join us at Chinese Massage Barnsley.

Chinese Massage Barnsley Parking: Free after 6pm Monday to Saturday. Sunday free all day.

Our Chinese team are all female. All our therapists are qualified by TCM. We use best quality massage oils and scents. We have two rooms each with a private shower

New Decor
Phone now 07592493684

Or on 01226 872370

Map : 1A Doncaster Rd, Barnsley S70 1TH
Open 9am to 9pm Monday – Sunday
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This marvelous treatment as a branch of Chinese medicine also has a long history. The earliest record on massage is in the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty. During the Spring and Autumn Period (770 – 476 BC), a story that a miracle-working doctor Bian Que. He healed the faint prince through massage was written down, illustrating the amazing effect in such an early time. In the Northern and Southern Dynasties (386 – 589), six techniques of hand massage evolved. These became more professional, such as to strand, twiddle, knead and roll, which are still widely used. Today it has developed over 20 varieties of techniques and the study on of it is thriving.


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